Introducing the Envoy-S.
The Future in Monitoring.

Meet the Envoy, the brains of the Enphase Home Energy Solution. Between collecting real-time data from your microinverters and delivering remote updates back out to them, the Envoy keeps your entire system in constant communication.

The Envoy uses its intelligence to make life simpler for both installers and system owners, with in-depth monitoring, energy usage insights, remote update capabilities and load management. The Envoy connects each component to create one seamless home energy solution – smart, simple, and powerful.

Data at your fingertips.
Wherever you are.

With the Enphase ‘MyEnlighten’ app, system owners can track their energy production, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Get it at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Own the Envoy-S Today.
For just $720 installed!

Whether you are looking to install solar and want to know how what size system you need to install or have an existing system and want to maximise your energy production and usage, the Envoy S is the heart beat to your energy management system.

  • Monitors Energy usage.
  • Monitors Energy production.
  • Is Battery storage ready.
  • Provides Remote maintenance and long term management.
  • Integrated WIFI and network options.
  • Rugged and reliable with 5 Years Warranty

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