Commercial Solar

Solar power offers many advantages worth considering when it comes to offsetting your electricity consumption. By installing solar power you are investing in the sustainability of your business financially and environmentally. Investing in solar power can make the single biggest reduction in your energy consumption.

Commercial Solar
that means business.

Superior project economics and Increased energy harvest with higher system availability and Lower material and labour costs.


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million inverters


gigawatts of solar
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Simple solar.
Smart energy.

Enphase Energy, Inc., is a global technology company with an innovative and intelligent home energy solution that seamlessly integrates generation, storage, management and control. Our mission is to deliver solutions that make clean energy affordable, reliable, and accessible to all.

The Enphase Commercial Solution

High-performance microinverter system

  • High production, low LCOE
  • Module-level diagnostics
  • Turbo charges installations with Connector Clip and Frame Mount

Design tools

  • Optimises performance, improves yield for owners
  • Simplifies design with PVsyst, Helioscope or Nearmap


  • NO high voltage DC
  • Safer than any string systems


  • Simplifies financing for developers

Targeted O&M services

Reduce Your Overheads.

Generate free energy for your own business needs and make money by selling back to the grid.

Reliability that create’s predictable cash flow.

With a Micro Inverter system problems are Isolated at a module level unlike string inverters that 1 small problem can take out a whole system. Because of this we are able to accurately predict ROI’s for our customers systems.

Monitor your asset.

Utilise the Power Tracker monitoring software to identify inefficient power use, minimise peak demand charges, and monitor your electricity bills in real time.

Planning Ahead

Every Lifestyle Solar Commercial installation starts with a detailed energy analysis with realtime data logging. From this information we are able to give accurate ROI’s for our systems with no hidden surprises once installed.

Once installed the Enphase Power Tracking Monitoring Software enables us to reduce peak demand charges and monitor every system remotely to make sure the system is performing to expectation and always maximising your return on investment.